Wee Wildcats & Wee Cats


Wee Wildcats is a program which allows our younger neighborhood friends to get to know our school before they officially become a Wildcat!


Wee Wildcats is specifically for our friends who are in pre-K. There are fun special events at RHE for them the Spring before they enter Kinder in the fall.


Wee Cats is a community program in which we host events to allow our younger friends to begin to meet each other early on.


 Wee Wildcats


 These events & details can also be found on our Wee Wildcat calendar here.

Wee Wildcat events begin in January at the school for incoming Kindergartners.

2023 dates will be posted towards the end of 2022. Check back!


Wee Cats

These are informal play dates that are arranged by community members and open to all kids who will be Wildcats (not just those who are in pre-K). These are larger community events or smaller play dates.


To get more information about Wee Wildcats & Wee Cats, make sure and follow the Facebook site!


Richardson Heights Wee Wildcats Facebook Group


To get connected with other parents within your student's specific grade level, consider joining the following Facebook groups.

Each class group is named for the year the group will graduate from High School


Class of 2035 (Entering Kinder in Fall of 2022)


Class of 2036 (Entering Kinder in Fall of 2023)


Class of 2037 (Entering Kinder in Fall of 2024)


Class of 2038 (Entering Kinder in Fall of 2025)


Class of 2039 (Entering Kinder in Fall of 2026)




Questions? Email our Community Chair at community@rhepta.org