Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I join the PTA?
A: Click on the "Join PTA" button on the home page.


Q: If I join the PTA, am I required to have my information published in the PTA Directory?
A: No. You can be a member without sharing your contact information. If you decide to be in the directory, you choose which pieces of information to share. 


Q: Do you share my email if I register on the website?
A: No. All emails are kept private and only shared with permission, such as in the Directory. When we send the PTA Newsletter, individual email addresses are hidden.


Q: Do I have to attend meetings?

A: No. Meetings are not required to be a member. However, everyone is invited to attend our General Meetings--even non-PTA members.


Q: Do I have to have a student at RHE to be a member?

A: No. Anyone can join our PTA. We love having the support of the community!


Q: Do I have to join again if I joined last year?

A: Yes. PTA Memberships must be renewed each school year.


Q: How do I become a volunteer?

A: Fill out the VOLY background check application through the district. Approval may take a few days. Every volunteer entering the school must complete this, and a new application must be submitted each school year. 

Next, check the sign-ups page for active volunteer requests. When you arrive at the school, bring your picture ID, and push the buzzer to be allowed in. 


Q: I'm not interested in any of the sign-ups shown.

A: Fill out this general volunteer interests form, and we will try to find an opportunity that matches your interests!


Q: What is a Room Parent?

A: The Room Parent supports a teacher by doing tasks the teacher may ask of them (ex: creating sign-ups, assembling a class project), planning the class parties, and celebrating the teacher during her or his birthday and during Heights Appreciation Week/end of the year.   

Ideally, there are two Room Parent reps per class, and they will communicate with the class families to support their plans for celebrations or class needs. These Room Parents are a liaison between the teacher, class families, and the PTA.

Teachers often have a sign-up to recruit Room Parents during Meet the Teacher. If you don't see one, message your teacher directly to let her or him know you are interested, and also email the PTA at to be added to the class list for Room Parents. 


Q: Why do I need a background check to volunteer at the school?
A: Background checks are in place for the safety and security of all students. RISD is committed to verifying the identity and background of all visitors who enter the school.


Q: What if I work and can't volunteer during school hours?

A: No problem! There are many ways to volunteer that don't involve being at school during the work day, like signing up to donate class supplies or items to stock the teacher's lounge, helping the PTA set up or tear down evening programs, working a morning shift at the Wildcat Wagon, or helping a committee plan for Heights Appreciation Week, our fall and spring fundraisers, and/or Carnival to name a few.


Q:  I can't donate my time because I'm really busy. How else can I help?

A: There are many ways to help without spending time. There are requests throughout the school year from the classroom, the school, and the PTA to donate classroom supplies, snacks or supplies for class parties, food items to stock the teachers' lounge, purchased treats for Heights Appreciation Week, and supplies for Field Day.


Q: I want to chaperone my child's field trip, what do I do?

A: Let your child's teacher know, and she or he will sign you up.


Q: What counts as volunteering hours?

A: The rule of thumb is "If it benefits the school, it counts!" Even eating lunch or a parent-teacher conference counts as volunteer hours. We also can count volunteer hours for when you are doing things that benefit the school, but you are at home doing it. You can be doing many things at all different times on things that "benefit our school", so it counts! Still not sure? Email with any questions. 

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