Walk/Bike to School Day
Walk Or Bike To School Day is Wednesday, October 5. Join us for this beloved national event by using foot power to arrive at school! There will be music, refreshments, and a bike check station to
• check the tire pressure
• adjust the seat
• tighten components

Students, families, and staff are encouraged to wear a school shirt or something blue to show their wildcat pride.

If you are able to volunteer the morning of the event (set up tables/speakers/balloons, pick up refreshments from a shop, greet kids, dress up as Rocky, and/or clean up) or the evening before (make balloon garlands or hang pendants), email Sarah Townsend at membership@rhepta.org

Besides simply being a fun way to start your morning, there are many beneficial reasons to consider walking or biking to school every day.
  • healthier families - incorporate regular physical activity into the schedule while also forming healthy habits that can last a lifetime  
  • cleaner environment - when we decide to lace up our sneakers or strap on a helmet instead of driving a car, we help reduce air pollutants emitted by automobiles
  • stronger sense of community - seeing families and neighbors together builds a sense of community. We foster it further when children and parents develop walking or bicycling buddies and chat with neighbors along the route.
  • less traffic congestion - reduce the morning and afternoon traffic around the school. Less congestion improves air quality and conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists, creating a positive cycle—as the community sees more people walking and biking, more people feel comfortable walking and biking!
Always remember to be safe. Children and adults can learn safe walking and bicycling skills. Drivers need to watch for others sharing the road. And thank our dear crossing guards for keeping us safe!


To volunteer, signup below:


Walk/Bike to School- GENERAL

Walk/Bike to School Day- DADS' CLUB