School Meals

School lunches are available for purchase at all RISD schools.  The student plate lunch costs $2.80 and consists of a protein, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk.  
School breakfasts are available every morning for purchase before school beginning at 7:35. A breakfast meal costs $2.10 and consist of one milk, a choice of fruit and juice and a choice of either two grains or a meat and a grain, depending on the menu.
During both lunch and breakfast, there are also a la carte items for sale.
To find information on menu items and prices, click HERE.

RISD participates in, an online website that handles prepayments of school meals. Parents may log on to the site directly or through the district website to deposit money into their child's account.  Parents may also pre-pay directly to the cafeteria. For more information on how to prepay, you can find it HERE.

To find more information about the free and reduced lunch program, you can find it HERE. There is also a link on the site to apply for the free and reduced lunch program on that page.
Unfortunately due to COVID protocols, parents may not have lunch with students at this time.
To have lunch with your child in school, first sign in at the front office and proceed to the cafeteria. Parents visiting for lunch are invited to sit at reserved seating.  Parents can bring food for their own child only. 
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