Homeroom Parents

Homeroom Parents serve an important role as a communication liaison between PTA, parents and the school teachers.  They work hard at getting to know every child and their parents, making everyone feel connected and welcomed while at the same time supporting our teachers.  Ideally each class should have two Class Parents.
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The key to being an effective Homeroom Parent is communication.  While they are a central voice for the class, they cannot do everything and parents' assistance is whole-heartedly encouraged.  Below are some of the responsibilities of the Homeroom Parent:
  • Assists the classroom with material preparation as deemed necessary by the teacher
  • Creates and distributes class roster for the purpose of facilitating pertinent information
  • Solicits volunteers for special events or needs
  • Coordinates and organizes classroom parties and holiday events
  • Supports school events throughout the year by communicating necessary details
  • Forwards on school and PTA related news to parents to keep everyone well informed 

​We encourage all parents to be involved in their child's classroom as this is a unique opportunity to get to know your child's teacher in ways that he / she appreciates.


Ways you can help:
Assist your Homeroom parents in planning and organizing of special events
Be proactive and responsive in your communication with the Homeroom parent
Don't be shy to offer ideas
Prepare material for special classroom projects
Questions?  Contact roomparent@rhepta.org