Specials (Art, Music, Gym, Library) Favorite Things


Becca Thomas

Birthday 9/11
Color green/ pink
Flower sunflower, daisies
Scent lavender, cherry
Place to Shop Michael's, HPB
Author or Book Books on art, creativity or teaching. Best sellers
Magazine People
Animal cats
Collectible Christmas decor
School Supply colored Sharpies
College / Sports Team TWU
Drink cherry limeade or cherry coke
Coffee mocha
Fruit orange, strawberry, cherry
Salty Snack Cheetos
Sweet Snack any chocolate
Candy Kit Kat, M&M's
Cake or Pie chocolate
Baked Good anything sweet
Place to Eat Braum's, Sonic
Hobby reading, painting, crafts


Elsa Williams

Birthday 5/17
Color pink/ hot pink!
Flower carnations/ roses
Scent vanilla, fresh linen, pumpkin spice, black cherry
Place to Shop Target
Author or Book Mystery!
Magazine decorating magazines
Animal kittens
Collectible seasonal dish towels
School Supply post its, ink joy gel pens-clicky
College / Sports Team Michigan Wolverines, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers
Drink mocha frapuccino, plain water
Coffee mocha
Fruit apple, raspberry
Salty Snack PayDay, pretzel
Sweet Snack fruit or Dove chocolate!
Candy $100,00 bar
Cake or Pie pumpkin, apple/ CHOCOLATE
Baked Good raspberry danish, brownies, chocolate chip cookies
Place to Eat Olive Garden, Panera, Chick fil A, Chili's
Hobby bike riding


Samantha Robison

Birthday 5/27
Color green
Flower white Hydrangea
Scent light and not too strong
Place to Shop Target, Hobby Lobby, Jane.com, Beaucoup
Author or Book anything with a mystery
Magazine none
Animal dog
Collectible garden stuff or vintage decor
School Supply hand sanitizer
College/ Sports Team Texas State
Drink Diet Coke, Starbucks (Chi tea), or water
Coffee no coffee
Fruit Yummy
Salty Snack Dots pretzels, packs of salami, cheese and cracker
Sweet Snack milk chocolate, cookies or cupcakes
Candy Yes, please!!
Cake or Pie Major sweet tooth, so Yes Please!!
Baked Good I love to bake!
Place to Eat Chipotle, Chick Fil A, Haystack
Hobby gardening, DIY around the house