Front Office, Principals, Nurse, & Counselor Favorite Things


Jenny Lanier- Principal

Birthday 6/4
Color Yellow
Flower N/A
Scent N/A
Place to Shop Target, Amazon, Nordstrom
Collectible ladybugs
School Supply Fun Pens
Drink Diet coke
Fruit apple, pear, plum, nectarine
Salty Snack chips
Sweet Snack chocolate with PB
Candy Smarties, Sweet Tarts
Cake or Pie chocolate chocolate chip Nothing Bundt Cakes
Baked Good Cake
Place to Eat Chick fil A
Hobby Shopping, Organizing


Amy Hamiter- Assistant Principal

Birthday 11/22
Color Red and Blue
Flower Hydrangeas and Wildflowers
Scent Eucalyptus
Place to Shop Target
Book/ Author Where the Crawdads Sing
Collectible pigs
School Supply Colored pens, notebooks, sharpies
Sports Team Dallas Cowboys
Drink Diet coke, Iced Coffee, Topo Chico
Fruit pineapple
Salty Snack chips
Sweet Snack N/A
Candy Snickers- really, any candy bar
Baked Good Brownies
Place to Eat Tex-Mex restaurants
Hobby Traveling


Leigh Duvall- Counselor

Birthday 10/19
Color purple
Flower succulents
Scent peppermint
Place to Shop Target, Amazon
Author or Book Nicholas Sparks/ Elin Hinderbrand
Magazine Oprah
Animal kittens
Collectible ladybugs
School Supply Sharpies/ Flair pens
College / Sports Team UNT
Drink sweet tea, Coca Cola, water
Coffee none
Fruit apple, banana
Salty Snack Cheez Its, chips
Sweet Snack chocolate chip cookies
Candy Take 5, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Junior Mints
Cake or Pie chocolate chocolate chip Nothing Bundt Cakes
Baked Good chocolate chip cookies
Place to Eat Mi Cocina, Chiloso, Chipotle, Chick fil A
Hobby running, family time


Karen Latimer- Instructional Specialist

Birthday 11/08
Color Blue
Flower Carnations and roses
Scent citrus
Place to Shop Target, amazon, home goods
Author or Book Patricia Polacco
Magazine People
Animal cats, leopards, pigs, giraffes
Collectible soap and candles
School Supply flair pens, expo markers, Pentel Energel pens
College/Sports Team Texas Rangers, Rough Riders
Drink Coke, Hint Water
Coffee Hazelnut and French Vanilla
Fruit Watermelon, Cantaloupe, peach,
Salty Snack peanuts, Bugles,
Sweet Snack Chocolate Chip Cookies
Candy M and M, Milk Chocolate, Twix, Rolos
Chocolate pie and cake, Vanilla Cake, Banana Cream
Baked Good Cookies, Muffins,
Place to Eat Shadys, Jack in the Box, Corner Bakery
Hobby Traveling


Patricia Cline-Administrative Assistant

Birthday January 5
Color Grey
Flower All
Scent Vanilla
Place to Shop Walmart/Target
Author or Book Mary Higgins Clark
Magazine Travel
Animal Toy Poodle
Collectible Old World Christmas Ornaments
School Supply Gel pens
College/Sports Team Aggie
Drink Unsweet Tea
Coffee Black
Fruit Apple
Salty Snack Peanuts
Sweet Snack Brownies
Candy toffee
Cake/Pie Pecan
Baked Good Cookies
Place to Eat Zennia
Hobby Camping