First Grade Favorite Things


Miss Faught

Birthday  01/28
Color  Purple
Flower  Tulip
Place to Shop  Amazon
School Supply  Flair Pens
College / Sports Team  UTD
Coffee  Coffee or Redbull
Salty Snack  Goldfish
Baked Good  Brownie
Place to Eat  Chipotle


Anrea Landon

Birthday  9/9
Color  blue
Flower  any
Scent  any
Place to Shop  Barnes & Noble
Author or Book  ALL
Magazine  Ranger Rick
Collectible  Christmas
School Supply  Expo
College / Sports Team  Cowboys
Drink  Starbucks Latte
Fruit  Any
Salty Snack  popcorn
Sweet Snack  muffins
Candy  jelly bean
Baked Good  muffins
Place to Eat  ALL
Hobby  gardening


Joaquin Mojica

Birthday February 21
Color Blue
Flower Yellow Roses
Scent Vanilla
Place to Shop Target
Author or Book Robert Kiyosaki
Magazine Magnolia
Animal none
Collectible none
School Supply Expo fine Markers
College/Sports Team none
Drink Sparkling Water
Coffee HOT Green Tea latte @ Starbucks
Fruit Bananas
Salty Snack none
Sweet Snack none
Candy none
Cake/Pie none
Baked Good Croissant
Place to Eat Chick-fil-A
Hobby Traveling