Fifth Grade Favorite Things


Jason Henry

Birthday 6/17
Color blue
Flower sunflower- my wife's
Scent vanilla
Place to Shop Amazon
Author or Book Star Wars
Magazine none
Animal penguins
Collectible Star Wars!
School Supply sticky notes/ pens
College/ Sports Team Dallas Stars (any Dallas team)
Drink coffee or water
Coffee coffee with creamer, iced is great- caramel frappuccino
Fruit strawberries/ blackberries/ any fruit!
Salty Snack pretzel chips/ anything!
Sweet Snack cookies- no nuts!
Candy Reese's, Butterfinger, Oreos
Cake or Pie White Chocolate Raspberry/ Anything!
Baked Good cupcakes
Place to Eat Torchy's/ Chick fil A/ Cane's/ Tongue in Cheek
Hobby Hockey/ Star Wars


Alexander Stewart

Birthday March 6
Color Red
Flower Rose
Scent Lavender
Place to Shop Half Price Books or Movie Trading company
Author or Book R.L. Stine
Magazine none
Collectible Steelbooks
School Supply crayons
College/ Sports Team UTD
Drink Dr. Pepper
Fruit Apple
Salty Snack Fritos
Sweet Snack cookies
Candy M&M's
Baked Good Brownies
Place to Eat Chick Fil A
Hobby Trumpet