Behavioral Program Favorite Things


Trevor Williams

Birthday 2/28
Color gray
Flower n/a
Scent n/a
Place to Shop Target
Author or Book n/a
Magazine n/a
Animal n/a
Collectible Star Wars/ Minecraft legos
School Supply pencils
College / Sports Team n/a
Drink Dr Pepper
Coffee any!
Fruit apples
Salty Snack Hot Chips
Sweet Snack n/a
Candy Nerds
Cake or Pie n/a
Baked Good n/a
Place to Eat Chick fil A/ Starbucks
Hobby board games


Maggie Martin

Birthday 5/30
Color green
Flower Sunflowers
Scent Lavender
Place to Shop Target
Author or Book Anything!
Magazine Anything!
Collectible N/A
School Supply pens, markers
College / Sports Team Oklahoma St.
Drink Coffee
Fruit Strawberry, Watermelon
Salty Snack Chex Mix
Sweet Snack Anything Sweet :-)
Candy Skittles
Baked Good Brownies
Place to Eat Anywhere!
Hobby Reading